OptiVega® Multivitamin & Mineral Selling Now

The wait is finally over: After three years of research, product development and quality testing, you can now buy the OptiVega® Multivitamin directly from the optivega.com website.

Why OptiVega®

Creating quality multivitamins has been my job and passion for over 20 years. I was frustrated that I couldn’t buy a vegan multivitamin that actually had the right types and amounts of all vitamins and minerals. Vegan multivitamins have three major problems: First, they largely ignore that plant-based diets provide very different vitamin and mineral amounts than ordinary (omnivore) diets. Second, they ignore what the optimum nutrient target amounts should be. And third, they use many cheap ingredients that don’t do their job. What’s out there is so bad and so inappropriate for vegans and vegetarians that it literally screamed for a new product approach!

The answer is OptiVega®

So, we created OptiVega® Multivitamin & Mineral from the ground up. Get more information on our website but in a nutshell: OptiVega® is the first multivitamin that’s not only certified vegan, but formulated to fill the unique nutrient gaps of plant-based diets with well-absorbed quality ingredients. And that’s the secret sauce for better health, energy and vitality. There doesn’t seem be anything like it out there. Check it out, give it a try, and tell your friends about it.