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OptiVega® – Backed by extensive research and especially formulated to ensure you get all the nutrients you need for optimum well-being and vitality. OptiVega® Multivitamin and Mineral is the first complete multivitamin that is not only vegan, but is actually tailored to fill the unique micronutrient requirements of plant-based diets. And we do it with bioavailable nutrients so your body can absorb and use them as intended by Nature.

6 Call-Outs: Reduce shadows on the circles

Included are some ideas for icons – please use yours if you have better ideas. I like the consistency of the green color – please keep that consistent.


Top Left (vegan pills): The first multivitamin that’s not just vegan, but really addresses the unique nutrient needs of modern plant-based diets.

Top Right Call-Out:

Complete nutrient levels cannot always be reached through diet alone. The greatest benefits are achieved at moderate amounts that are safe, highly beneficial, and healthy.

A smooth curve instead of jagged arrow would be even better



Middle Left Call-Out (need a different symbol; wheat = gluten = bad; a simple graph icon?): A different approach to multivitamin and mineral supplements that fills the nutrient gaps of plant based diets to achieve optimum intakes.


Middle Right Call-Out: Highly bioavailable nutrients so your body can absorb and use them efficiently that are easily tolerated by even the most sensitive stomachs.


Bottom Left Call-Out (muscle arm):

  • Sustain Everyday Energy Levels (no period)
  • Promote Resilient Immune Defense


Bottom Right Call-Out (heart symbol; can this be something else health benefit related? We’re not mentioning heart health benefits)(like the heartbeat line, perhaps in a rectangle or circle):

  • Protect Healthy Skin, Nails and Hair (Nails plural)
  • Support Efficient Detoxification (spelling corrected)
  • Maintain Strong Bones

(delete OptiVega logo;)

5 logos: put Certified Vegan first