Is a Plant-Based Diet Healthier?

The healthy benefits of plant-based diets are well documented. Vegans and vegetarians have less chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, and they tend to live longer. However, even with a healthier diet many vegans and vegetarians don’t always feel well. Just like others, people eating plant-based diets can have low energy, occasionalhealthy food preparation aches and pains, poor immunity, or unhealthy-looking hair, nails and skin. The reason? Numerous research studies show that plant-based diets can fall short delivering all the nutrients our bodies require.

How is this possible?

Humans evolved over hundreds of millennia adapting to natural environments and foods that our modern world no longer provides. Because of this our bodies still depend on nutrients that come from both plant and animal-derived foods.

Many vegans and vegetarians are unaware that in fact they are at risk for several nutrient deficiencies, such as vitamins A, B3, B12 and D, iron, zinc, selenium, and sulfur amino acids. These are nutrients that come mostly or entirely from animal-derived foods. As a result, many vegans and vegetarians don’t feel great even though in the long-term they are healthier than people on regular diets.

Is There a Healthier Solution?

Well balanced diets are always healthier. So first, make sure your plant-based diet is wholesome and balanced with proteins, fruits and vegetables. Then, experts recommend that vegans and vegetarians should take multivitamin supplements.

And here lies the problem: People with plant-based diets have different nutrient requirements than the general population; and we could not find a vegan multivitamin that’s really designed to address these specific vitamin and mineral shortfalls. In fact, today’s multivitamins largely ignore what you already get from your foods. They are so unbalanced and compromised that we are concerned some may do more harm than good.

OptiVega® Multivitamin and Mineral

We recognized the problem and set out to develop OptiVega® Multivitamin and Mineral as a thoroughly novel approach. Our main goal was to create a multivitamin that’s not just vegan, but one that addresses the unique nutrient needs of plant-based diets. We set out toOne bottle of OptiVega® Multivitamin and Mineral achieve a healthier result through optimum nutritional balance, hence the name OptiVega®. To get there, we provide more of the nutrients that are typically low in plant-based diets, and less of those that are typically high in plant-derived foods. The result is a very different formulation. One that truly fills the nutrient gaps of plant-based diets to achieve optimum balance.



How It Works

What is optimum balance? It is not the minimum requirements known as RDAs or Daily Values, and it’s not mega-doses of vitamins and minerals (more is not always better!). It’s in between. The optimum vitamin and mineral amounts are what mother nature has intended for us and that our genes are made for. They are moderate amounts that are safe, effective, and healthy. With OptiVega®  Multivitamin and Mineral your plant-based diet will be in the optimum zone.

The healthier solution starts on the label

So called “Proprietary Blends” allow supplement companies to hide the amounts of individual ingredients used. This practice often results in under-dosing and ineffective ingredients. At OptiVega® we do not use proprietary blends because we have nothing to hide. We want you to be informed and aware of every single ingredient in our product.

Amounts are one thing; nutrient quality is another. We use only the best-researched nutrient types with the highest bioavailability to make sure they really get absorbed and work as expected. It is well worth the extra effort. OptiVega® Multivitamin and Mineral meets all the stringent criteria of the Vegan Awareness Foundation (Vegan Action) and is “Certified Vegan”. OptiVega® Multivitamin and Mineral is also GMO-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, and does not contain yeast, or artificial colors, preservatives or flavors.

The Result

OptiVega® is a no-compromise, science-based formulation that uses the right amounts and types of all nutrients using nature as a role model to fill the gaps of today’s plant-based diets.

Feel Good Every Day!