Each ingredient is thoroughly researched then tested for potency and purity. Our manufacturing process follows best practices with constant monitoring and testing.

Only Vegan

We require and verify vegan statements from the manufacturer of every ingredient. Each ingredient is verified by an independent, third party vegan certification agency.


All ingredients are clearly listed on our label, no “proprietary blends”. You get exactly what is on the label.

GMO Free

All ingredients are certified GMO Free

Gluten Free

OptiVega® is Gluten and Allergen free

Why don’t you use whole food sources of vitamins?

We would like to do so, but after careful examination of virtually all known whole food vitamin sources we discovered that none of them was truly whole-food derived. Unfortunately, it’s common practice in the industry to spike whole food ingredients with synthetic vitamins, or to incubate synthetic vitamins with yeasts or probiotics, hoping that they get assimilated into yeast or bacterial cells. However, nobody has analyzed how much—if any—of the synthetic vitamins have been assimilated, and nobody has done any studies to test if humans can absorb and utilize them (bioavailability). We believe that our customers should not have to pay extra for “whole foods” vitamins that are in fact synthetic vitamins in disguise. Instead, we use only natural and nature-identical ingredients that are well studied for proven safety and efficacy.

What are nature-identical vitamins?

What are nature-identical vitamins? At OptiVega®, we are fully committed to providing the best of nature and science. In general, naturally sourced ingredients are the best option when it comes to safety and performance, and we strive to use natural sources of the ingredients in our dietary supplements as much as possible. Sometimes, however, there are no appropriate natural, vegan sources for certain ingredients that meet our high standards of quality, safety, and efficacy validation (e.g., “whole foods” vitamins, see above). In these cases, we use the highest quality man/woman-made ingredients that are 100% identical to natural ingredients in all aspects (including stereo isomers). Nature-identical vitamins behave, perform and represent their natural form in every single aspect. With OptiVega® ingredients, you can always rely on our full commitment to provide the most natural forms of the highest quality and solid scientific substantiation for safety and efficacy.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We source our ingredients only from the best suppliers around the world who pass our stringent ingredient qualification program. As a result, over 60% of OptiVega® ingredients are sourced from the USA with the remainder coming from Denmark, Italy, India, Israel, Malaysia, China and the UK. We apply the high US FDA dietary supplement manufacturing standards (GMPs) and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) identity and purity standards to all of our ingredients irrespective of country of origin.

How do you verify all ingredients are vegan?

As part of our stringent raw ingredient qualification process we require and verify vegan statements from the manufacturer of every ingredient. These vegan statements, along with the ingredient specifications and manufacturing processes are then submitted to an independent third-party vegan certification agency. We use the well-recognized Vegan Action agency of the Vegan Awareness Foundation. Vegan Action has reviewed and approved all ingredients in OptiVega® as well as the manufacturing procedures, and granted the “Certified Vegan” logo and trademark.

Are all ingredients in OptiVega® GMO-free?

Yes, we have GMO-free statements from all ingredient manufacturers.

Is OptiVega gluten-free?

Yes, we do not use gluten-containing or wheat-derived ingredients

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