The Vegan Multivitamin (R)evolution

A Radically New Approach to Vegan Multivitamins
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What’s Missing In Your Vegan Diet?

The first multivitamin that’s not just vegan, but expertly formulated to get the most out of your vegan nutrition.

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We don’t like any of the vegan multivitamins out there

Why? They are vegan alright, but their nutrient levels are all over the place. We believe none of them truly addresses the unique needs of vegans and vegetarians. And most use cheap forms of vitamins and minerals that are not well absorbed. That’s why we created our own: the OptiVega® Multivitamin & Mineral.

Optimum Nutrition, Health & Vitality Supplement for Vegans & Vegetarians

Is a Plant-Based Diet Healthier?

Plant-based diets are healthy. Still, many vegans and vegetarians don’t feel well, have low energy, poor immunity, or unhealthy-looking hair, nails and skin. Why? Because they don’t get all the vitamins they need. In fact, vegans and vegetarians lack different vitamins than people on regular diets. And that’s why we need a different multivitamin!

The Vegan Multivitamin (R)evolution

We created a multivitamin that’s not just vegan, but really addresses the unique nutrient needs of vegans and vegetarians to achieve optimum nutrition (hence the name OptiVega®). This is not your grandma’s vegan multivitamin: OptiVega® Multivitamin & Mineral fills your unique nutrient gaps so you can get the most out of your plant-based diet.

Especially for Vegans & Vegetarians

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